Kindred Connection

Hey, Ya’ll Today is Poetry dedication day! The featured spotlight artist is Yours Truly. Kindred Connection A gravitational pull Pulsating heightened stimulation through every part of my existence. A magnetic vibe Pulling me over thought and reasoning Sweeping currents of consciousness to the depths of my soul. A miraculous rhythm Guiding me to places of … Continue reading Kindred Connection

Never Be Too Afraid…

Hey, Ya’ll! Today's Tuesday Inspiration is as follows: Life is too short to live in fear. Don't let people, places, or things keep you from following your dreams or accomplishing your goals. If you are scared, remember this: Everything isn't a cakewalk. It shouldn't be. Here are 5 tips for getting past fear: 1. Believe … Continue reading Never Be Too Afraid…


Hey, Ya'll! It's Wednesday, my favorite day. Today’s post is dedicated to poetry. For me, Poetry is like a beautiful song for the soul. It has helped me get through some dark times in my life. Filling page after page--journal after journal--with my words has been pivotal; therapeutic. Not only did it broaden my consciousness, … Continue reading Manifestation

Words That Impact Personal Growth and A Positive Mindset

Hey, Y’all! Remember these 3 S-words along your journey into operating in your purpose: Smile. Shine. Show. 1.Smile through the pain of pursuing your dreams because at times it will get hard. It will also get easier. 2.Shine bright even during those darkest days. Greatness dwells inside you. Be the light... 3. Show others that … Continue reading Words That Impact Personal Growth and A Positive Mindset

Be Who Are You Until You Grow Into Who You Are Meant To Be

Hey, ya’ll! Figuring out who we are is a task. It requires personal growth, a new mindset, and letting down our guards to seek direction. No, everyone doesn't have it all figured out. No, it's not easier said than done. No, it won't happen overnight. But... It's all worth it! Knowing who we are is … Continue reading Be Who Are You Until You Grow Into Who You Are Meant To Be

Tribute to A Great Man: Chadwick Boseman

Hey, y’all! By now, I know everyone has heard the devastating news about the passing of actor Chadwick Boseman. I was sitting in my living room when my daughter yelled from her room, “Oh no! Ma, he's dead.” My heart dropped not knowing the “he” she was referring to. I knew it'll shake my core … Continue reading Tribute to A Great Man: Chadwick Boseman