We Cannot Afford To Sit Idle

Hey, Ya’ll!

Think About It Tuesday

Sitting idle—staying in place, being still, stuck.

At this moment in time, we cannot afford to sit idly. Why? Because our future depends on the moves we make now.

Whether a new career path, financial endeavors, relationships, etc; moving forward should be the end goal.

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘An idle mind is the devil’s playground’ well, I believe it!

When we allow ourselves to daydream without implementing those dreams, we cloud our own judgments with overactive imaginary pretense. Meaning: false hope. (yes, I made that up)

Here are a few tips to consider whenever you start to drift into idleness:

1. Take a moment to reset your mind. Do something fun. This creates a relaxed state of consciousness which refuses all the subconscious crap we hold on to unknowingly.

2. Practice Meditation. Focusing on something other than the matter at hand brings calmness and clarity. It also helps us feel good physically and mentally.

3. Create a private space for yourself. Use this space to work on goals, projects, vision boards, and other things to help push you into your next level. Or simply use this space to relax.

4. Find someone to talk to. Having someone to vent to about life is therapeutic but also rewarding to our mental well-being. Talk it out.

5. Don’t stand in your own way. Most times when our minds become idle it’s because we overthink or second guess ourselves. We know what we are capable of. Don’t add unnecessary pressure.

Overall, find what you’re good at, cultivate it, and watch what happens when you believe in yourself.

Don’t give into idleness.

Be great because you are!

Thanks for Kickin’ It With KeKe!

Until next time, Love & Light💜

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