Cycles: Letting Go of Unnecessary Drama to Experience The Fullness of Life.

Hey, Ya’ll!

Hurricane season is in full effect here in Louisiana so, please keep us in your thoughts and prayers. This too shall pass…

Think About It Tuesday-

I was relaxing in my hammock yesterday enjoying the cool breeze and listening to music when one of my favorite songs began to play.

Cycles by Jonathan McReynolds.

His song inspired today’s blog post.

It’s important to break cycles that keep us stagnant in our personal growth, mindset, relationships, faith, etc.

When we allow cycles to control our emotions, feelings, thoughts, and reactions, we can sometimes lose a sense of who we are. We get trapped in a place that’s detrimental to our overall well-being.


We overlook the little things in life that can impact us the most. In the best possible way! We then become too comfortable in whatever cycle we find ourselves in; missing out on happiness and anything else that brings us joy.

Being caught in unhealthy cycles tarnishes our vision which blocks the pursuit of our purpose in life. This breeds negativity—negative thoughts, emotions, actions, etc.


We have to find ways to break those cycles to take control of our lives.


By making the decision to want better for ourselves.

Here are 3 sure ways to break negative cycles in your life:

1. Stop worrying about losing people. If these people are meant to be in your life and mean you any good, they will.

2. Know that saying no doesn’t make your selfish. Saying no is an important part of self-care-–something we all should practice.

3. When something doesn’t feel right, know that it’s time for a change. The first step to anything positive is deciding that you deserve better.

Having more—requires a positive mindset.

Don’t be afraid to choose you.

Breaking cycles is necessary to live our best life by becoming the very best version of ourselves.

My shirt says it all…

The next time you find yourself in a cycle that could potentially make you spin out of control say, “Nah, I’m good!”

Thanks for Kickin’ It With KeKe!

Until next time, Love and Light💜

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