Be Sure To Show Up For Yourself

Hey, Ya’ll!

How’s everyone doing today?

My Southern Louisiana and Texas family, are you guys okay?

The other night on my show Kickin’ It With KeKe, I got emotional. This year has been tough and I allowed my feelings to get caught up.

It’s okay to have those moments but be sure to push your way through them. How? By always showing up for yourself. That way, when no one else does it won’t sting so bad. Sure it’ll hurt like hell, but you will get through it!

Have you ever noticed how some people don’t show up for you but expect you to always show up for them. They make excuses or flat out lie!

I learned the hard way that not anyone is in your corner. Not everyone is rooting for you to win. Yet, they expect you to cheer them toward the finish line to their victory/destiny.

My remedy to this is simple.


When people don’t show up for you, don’t get upset or feel bad. No! Dust your shoulders off and gear up to cheer for yourself along the way to your next level.

And…when those who didn’t show up for you when you needed them to return the favor no longer have access to you anymore, smile.

Smile knowing that you didn’t give up on or let yourself down. Smile knowing that you did right by them. Smile your ass off and enjoy the ride!

Stay safe and use wisdom!

Thanks for Kickin’ It With KeKe!

Until next time, Love and Light💜

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