Tribute to A Great Man: Chadwick Boseman

Hey, y’all!

By now, I know everyone has heard the devastating news about the passing of actor Chadwick Boseman.

I was sitting in my living room when my daughter yelled from her room, “Oh no! Ma, he’s dead.” My heart dropped not knowing the “he” she was referring to. I knew it’ll shake my core when she spoke the name.

Sure enough, she came into the living room holding her laptop with this stunned look on her face. “We knew something was wrong with him, Ma. He died from colon cancer.” The more she read the breaking news, the more I saw the pain etch across her face. “He was sick the whole time. We figured something was wrong but not this. Ma…this shit is sad. It’s too much!”

I was speechless, in a trance. Death had shaken us yet again in 2020, robbing us of another person we love.

No, we didn’t know Chadwick personally, but there was a bond there. Our family rooted for him. Wee ewww saw his poise and dedication to his craft. His talents were limitless. Such a sweet, humble spirit that affected anyone taking in his presence both near and far.

I don’t know why his passing hurt so much but it does. Like a loved relative or good friend. Our first black superhero–gone. I pray for his wife and son, his close friends and loved ones, for all the lives he’s touched in a powerful way. He had so much more to offer this world.

Chadwick Aaron Boseman, a man of integrity. A man who loved his culture. A man who knew his purpose and lived it like no other. An infectious smile and gentle nature, masked in elegance; yet, strong in masculinity. A beautiful soul indeed.

This one hurts…

He was a year older than me. So young and full of life until the very end. Battling a monster with grace and humility while his secret was kept safe by the people he shared the news with.

Can you imagine?

Being selfless requires intention. Being afraid requires vulnerability. Being free requires embracing bravery. Chadwick embodied all of this for four long years, giving us all of him without compromise.

I salute him!

This world just got a little bit dimmer.

Long live the King👑

Wakanda Forever

RIP Chadwick… You will never be forgotten!

Thanks for Kickin’ It With KeKe💜

Until next time, don’t take life for granted for a second. We cannot afford it.

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