Live Again: Overcoming Obstacles

Hey, ya’ll!

Happy Hump Day…

On my show the other night, my guest Motivational Life Coach LaT and I talked about learning how to live again after heartache, obstacles, etc. that life can throw at us.

We sometimes worry about what others think we should or shouldn’t do that we get caught up in situations that cause more harm than good for us.

We can also feel guilty for moving on or letting go.

Healing takes time.

Don’t rush the process—whatever that process looks like—for however long it takes.

Be intentional.

Know that it’s okay to live again.

Life happens whether we are ready for it or not. I’m most cases, it is what we make it but at times, we have no control over certain things. Be okay with that!

Positive energy produces a positive mind.

Decide you want more.

Embrace the ups and the downs.

And know that it’s okay to take a step back in order to continue forward.

Overcoming obstacles requires nothing more than determination and consistency.

The choice belongs to you and me. No one else.

Thanks for Kickin’ It With KeKe!

Until next time, Live💜

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