There Is Strength In Vulnerability

Think About It Tuesday:

Hey, Y’all!

We’ve all been told that allowing others to see us vulnerable is a sign of weakness.

I disagree.

There is strength is vulnerability. It shows our humanity and humility. Is lets people get close to us—people who are meant to cross our paths and become a part of our tribe.

Vulnerability breeds confidence and pushes us toward what’s important to us.


Being vulnerable helps us tap into the best version of ourselves.

Never be afraid to open up to others. I mean really show them who you are. Trust your intuition to guide you when dealing with those individuals who aren’t genuine. There will be some along this journey called life and that’s okay. Not everyone is supposed to walk beside us.

Here are three key factors to remember when it comes to vulnerability:

1. Vulnerability builds character. Being vulnerable allows you to tap into who you truly are.

2. Vulnerability builds self-worth: Becoming and knowing who you are, requires letting others see how much you value yourself.

3. Vulnerability builds courage: fearlessness and boldness stem from vulnerability, pushing us to step outside of our comfort zones.

Trust your instinct when it comes to being vulnerable. Never put yourself in a situation to be hurt or taken advantage of by anyone.

The more you open yourself up, the more layers you discover and appreciate about who you are. Then you will begin to shine so bright others will want to bask in your glow.

Be the light!

Thanks for Kickin’ It With KeKe!

Until next time, allow yourself to be open to yourself and others. We weren’t put here to be alone.💜

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