Are You Eating Well? Stop Feeding Yourself Junk!

Hey, Y’all!

We all must eat to survive, but what we eat can cause unnecessary problems to our mind, body, and soul.

What are you feeding yourself?

When we think about eating, we usually think about food. Not today! Today, I want to ask an important question. A question that many of us tend to overlook when it comes to proper nourishment. And food isn’t the only way to feed ourselves.

Allow me to expound upon this further.

When we are mindful and intentional about a lifestyle change, everything to ingest adds good or bad ingredients to our beings.

Are you eating well?

I’m talking about mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

The things we put into our minds and bodies can determine our actions, reactions, thoughts, emotions, and feelings.

What we allow ourselves to consume will reflect in our everyday lives. People will notice, good or bad. We feel heavy or light, anxious or relaxed, etc. when we feed ourselves the right things.

I believe it all begins with the choice/intention to want better. Then, we do better and ultimately, become better.

Mindset also plays a huge role in the things we take in and put out. The way we think dictates how we handle certain people, situations, and life in general.

If laughter cleanses the soul, what we feed it supersedes that. Right?

It should…

Is your soul malnourished?

Are you getting the nutrients and sustenance to keep a healthy state of being and frame of mind?

Our growth depends on what we feed ourselves. Growth: personal, emotional, mental, and physical.

So again, I pose the question: Are you eating well?

Stop feeding yourself junk food! Meaning, stop allowing negativity and bad energy to throw you off your game. Nothing should have that much power over you. Period!

Choose your battles carefully.

Don’t give in to bad vibes, bad attitudes, or bad company. Know that it’s okay to walk away, say no, or distance yourself from anyone or anything that’s causing you to feel anxious, out of character, or emotional. It’s not worth our time or energy.

What happens when we overeat?

We feel bloated, stuffed, uncomfortable, and oftentimes sick to our stomach. We may have to throw up or empty our bowels to rid ourselves of the toxic waste inside us. Feeding ourselves negative emotions, thoughts, etc. can cause this same effect on us.

So, I’ll ask again. Are you eating well?

Life is too short to feed our soul anything but the good stuff.

Good stuff: happiness, joy, peace, love, inspiration, personal growth, positivity, kindness, and the list can go on and on.

The next time you encounter someone who isn’t sticking to a healthy diet, run!

Thanks for Kickin’ It With KeKe!

Until next time, stay healthy: mind, body, and soul💜

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