Keeping up Appearances!

Hey, Y’all!

Think About It Tuesday…

Have you ever conformed or transformed yourself into someone the complete opposite of who you are to please, be accepted by, or just to get someone to notice you?

We have all been guilty of this very thing at some point in or another.

In today’s society, it is looked down on for being different or simply embracing the person you were created to be. People bully or mistreat those they consider strange. Why? Because culture has blinded and misguided us into thinking what’s normal or accepted looks the same. This causes self-hate in most instances. It creates division within races, gender, and communities.

Now don’t get me wrong, there is nothing like gaining the acceptance of our peers, but the question we all should ask ourselves is “At what cost?” Do we lose ourselves to become someone we don’t recognize in the mirror? Is it really worth it?

Quite the opposite in my opinion.

Remember that just because someone looks like they have it all together on the outside, they can totally be broken on the inside.

Do you want to mimic someone who doesn’t even know themselves? The answer should be no.

The older I get the more I learn each day that the best relationship I should have is with myself. It should be the most important one too. Self-love is the best love. Never let anyone show or tell you differently.

My best friend and I had a conversation a few days ago about people being deceived by a big butt and a smile or large hands and big feet. Being handsome or pretty, cute or nice looking is all good, but is there anything outside of vanity? 

Can you have a stimulating conversation, laugh together or just enjoy each other’s company with anything other than a physical connection?

What happens when those things are put aside and the true character of that person is finally brought to light?

What happens when the glitz, glimmer, beauty, charm, and all the other shallow stuff is exposed or expired? All things fade with time. It’s the circle of life. Will you have anything in common? Will you even like each other?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but an ugly soul can make the most beautiful person unattractive in every sense of the word.

Now, I am not saying that physical attraction shouldn’t be a factor in relationships. No one wants to be with someone they aren’t attracted to. But, wouldn’t you rather have someone who is genuine than someone who pretends to be? You wouldn’t want to come home one day and realize you don’t even recognize the person in your home. 

Beauty fades. Bodies change. Sex becomes less important. Children grow up and leave the nest. 

What then?

I have learned that people dress, look and act accordingly in order to get what they want from others, especially if there isn’t any conviction in their hearts. 

For example, we see different characters in movies, wondering how in the world did the production team create such a dynamic role. Well, there is a lot that goes into the creating process. The actor/actress spends countless hours in hair and make-up to transform themselves. They study their lines to perfect them. They go above and beyond to give their best performance because of their passion for the craft. They love what and they and strive to do it the best of their ability.

Many actors have confessed that it’s sometimes hard to break away from characters once filming is complete. After eating, sleeping, and breathing something for certain periods of time, it becomes second nature. It becomes a part of you and that can be dangerous if the situation isn’t handled properly.

I said all that to say that just like in movies, people in real life become characters. They study us, scope us out, and put on personas. They hide their true identity taking advantage of us when they see our vulnerability or think our kindness and compassion are signs of weakness.  

The only way we can avoid this is to observe, listen, and most of trust our intuition. Sometimes being a good judge of character isn’t enough. We must also be true to ourselves.

Stop keeping up appearances and be yourself. 

When we are who we are, people who aren’t meant to be in our circle, our network, or our business won’t.

If people don’t like you for who you are—the best version of yourself-—screw ‘em! Those aren’t your people!

And, if you’re not the best version of yourself it’s time to work forward getting there. 

Progress leads to productivity.

Thanks for Kickin’ It With KeKe!

Until next time, be the reason someone decides to never give up.💜

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