8 Tips For A Better You In The New Year:

Happy Holidays, Ya’ll!

Only three days until 2020 ends and a new year begins.

I honestly don’t know what to think or how to feel because 2020 has awakened something within me that I probably wouldn’t have tapped into otherwise.

Not out of fear persee. But, maybe out of procrastination.

2020 hit me hard!

If I had to say something good about it, it’ll be, 2020 forced me to get out of my own way and stop putting off what I can do today for tomorrow.

Tomorrow isn’t a guarantee!

I think our sense of entitlement has blinded most of us in that regard. That we always have more time.

Last night, during the last episode of Kickin’ It With KeKe for 2020, I talked about the importance of intention, mindset, financial literacy, health, and other topics. It was my best show of the year if I’m honest. There’s nothing like letting others see your transparency while helping them do the same.

I asked my viewers a question. What will your word be for 2021?

This is something I adapted a few years ago when my life shifted into purpose. My word for 2021 is ELEVATION.

This year’s word is MANIFESTATION. 2019 was TRANSFORMATION and 2018 was CHANGE.

My viewers gave out amazing words like Commit, intention, balance, growth, transition, accountability, No, transformation, support.

I think we all need a blueprint to get to where we desire to be in life as a whole. Vision, goals, intention—all align with purpose.

To watch the full episode click the link: https://www.instagram.com/tv/CJXaUw8nIEN/?igshid=1i3zxahncnfc9

All of these words require one important thing. Mindset.

Change your mind, change your life!

Here are 8 Tips for a better you in 2021.

1. Start each day giving thanks. Someone wasn’t blessed to see a new day.

2. Take at least 5 minutes to sit with your feelings. Meditate or sit alone to get into a good headspace.

3. Give yourself permission to have a good day. Speak it into existence. Positive Affirmations work wonders.

4. Be intentional. Decide to be better by doing better. It’s your choice.

5. Look the part even when you don’t feel like it. When we look good we feel good and that energy is transferred to others.

6. Give yourself some grace. Know that it’s ok to mess up and smile through it.

7. Lead by example. People are always watching. Set the tone, be the rhythm.

8. Reward yourself for getting through another day. Life is hard. Give yourself praise by treating yourself to something good, new, fun. Ex. A walk in the park, long bubble bath, a glass of your favorite wine, reading a few pages of a book before making dinner, listening to music before bed, having some ME time.

I hope you apply these tips in the new year. I intend to make each one a higher priority in my life. My next level depends on it.

Happy New Year!

Thanks for Kickin’ It With KeKe!

Until next time, always strive to be better in everything you do. 💜

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