What Did You Learn About Yourself In 2020?

Hey, Ya’ll!

Lately, I’ve been reflecting. Reflecting over my life. The Good, The Bad, The UnPretty—the things who make me, ME.

On last Monday, my guest shared her life’s journey with my viewers and I via my show Kickin’ It With KeKe. She was open and honest about the things she’s overcome. She gave tips. She spoke about goal-setting. She became very transparent.

I appreciate her for letting us see her vulnerability. Sometimes, we need to see someone else’s to display our own.

That said…

I want to share with you all something I learned about myself during 2020.

It may sound far-fetched or corny even, but it’s my truth and I’m sticking to it.

In 2020, I learned the true meaning of peace—of experiencing the essence it brings when you don’t realize how much you need it.

Although I’m still in the healing process of grief, I found a sense of peace within me that I cannot quite explain. It’s mysterious, yet, empowering. I feel bolder, unafraid to take chances. I no longer worry about people, things, or money.

I decide each day I’m blessed to experience, to choose joy. To choose peace and love. It doesn’t matter if I receive those things from anyone else as long as I give them to myself.

I save grace for me, y’all!

I cry when I need to cleanse my soul and laugh when I need to renew my heart. I communicate with those who open up to me and pray for those who don’t.

I’m intentional and mindful of everything I do. I don’t stress or worry about the things I have no control over and focus to attend to the things that I do.

My life isn’t where I desire it to be but it is most definitely not where it once was, and for that, I am grateful.

What did 2020 teach you about yourself?

Let me know by commenting or sending an email to kekechanel2012@gmail.com. I’d love to hear from you.

Thanks for Kickin’ It With KeKe!

Until next time, be happy with who you are until you are ready for change. 💜

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