What’s Your Vision for 2021?

Hey, Ya’ll!

Happy Wednesday!

This past weekend, I attended a Vision Board Party with a small group of girlfriends.

It was amazing!

There were words of encouragement, laughter, a few tears, and everything in between. We all know how women get when we’re together.

My heart is still full. I’m inspired by the stories I heard and the boards a saw come to life in such a short time.

I’ll share my board with you below.

My board is all about elevation—my word for 2021—the things I want to happen this year.


To achieve the things on my vision board, I have to be bolder than I am. I have to do the work and believe in myself! No more comfort zones when it comes to leveling up my brand.

Nothing good happens overnight. I hate to be the bearer of bad news if you believe that. It’s life! It’s unpredictable and not always mangoes and strawberries. It’s supposed to challenge us, frighten us a little when we go after our dreams.

Honestly, if all of your dreams and goals came swiftly, would they mean much to you? Would you truly appreciate them?


Something to think about, right?

Don’t sleep on your vision. Write it down and see it take flight. Create a vision board and keep it in plain sight. This keeps you inspired, motivated, and ready to manifest those things.

Stay connected to those who uplift you and have like-mindedness. Evaluate your circle to see if you’re on the same thought path. If not, it’s time to find new people.

Thanks for Kickin’ It With KeKe!

Until next time, don’t lose sight of your vision.💜

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