KeKe Chanel Poetry

Hey, Ya’ll! In honor of National Poetry Month, I want to share one of my poems with you. Anxious Lately, I've been on edge  Like a spinning top tumbling down a hill Spiraling out of control  Up and down Back and forth Trying to turn my mind off Thoughts Feelings Mixed emotions swarming my consciousness  … Continue reading KeKe Chanel Poetry

You Can’t Take Them Back

Hey, Ya’ll! Have you ever said something so rude to someone you love or care about? Did you do it out of anger, guilt, or did you simply not give a damn? Either way, words stick longer than any other form of hurt. We've all heard the saying, ‘hurt people hurt people.’ I agree! Once … Continue reading You Can’t Take Them Back

Choose People Who Choose You

Hey, Y’all! It’s Talk About It Tuesday here on Kickin’ It With KeKe. Last night’s show was amazing! Go on over to my Instagram page @thekekechanel to watch and catch up on Season 2. All of Season 1 is available there too. My special guest Author, Poet, and Motivational Speaker Shana Danielle, left us with … Continue reading Choose People Who Choose You

What Are You Waiting For?

Hey, Ya’ll! March is in full effect as a new season begins. It's exciting! Spring is a time for new beginnings. New purpose. New intentions. New goals. Spring forward. What are you waiting for? Start the business. Buy the new car. Purchase that land. Go back to school. Whatever it is that you've been putting … Continue reading What Are You Waiting For?

Who’s In Your Circle

Hey, Ya’ll! A circle is a sacred space. It represents wholeness, eternity. It can keep what's precious protected or serve as a captor. Knowing who we surround ourselves with is a crucial factor in how our lives are affected. Certain people, places, and things can bring positive or negative energy. You decide what energy you … Continue reading Who’s In Your Circle

Refueling The Soul

Hey, y’all! Last night’s Kickin’ It With KeKe Show was awesome. My special guest Author L.M. Reynolds gave great words of wisdom as we discussed the topic Writing To Refuel The Soul. Writing is a form of expression. It allows us access to new people, places, and things when we open ourselves up and embrace … Continue reading Refueling The Soul