Cutting Ties

Hey, Y'all! Have you ever had someone in your life and they suddenly disappeared? They stopped talking to you or coming around. When you reach out to them, they seem distant or don't bother responding. We've all been there. Sometimes people need space. Sometimes their absence in your life is a blessing. People outgrow each … Continue reading Cutting Ties

It’s Just The Little Things…

Hey, Ya’ll! Happy 2nd day of Fall--my favorite season! Have you ever just looked around and noticed what you see? Noticed the things in your life that makes you who you are. The things that add love and light to our life. I do this unknowingly but especially when I'm not feeling so cheerful and … Continue reading It’s Just The Little Things…

Little Me

Hey, Ya’ll! Last night, my brother asked me a few questions that made me think a lot. Not only did the questions make me think, but they also allowed me to truly evaluate my answers so that I was completely honest with myself. I love and treasure the conversations I have with my siblings. Priceless … Continue reading Little Me

You CAN and You WILL!

Hey, Ya’ll! A little Tuesday Inspiration. A positive mindset produces a positive attitude. Believe in yourself, always. Nothing is impossible when you work hard and stay consistent. Don't ever allow anyone to make you feel inferior. Don't ever let anyone tell you what you can't achieve. Stay away from people who always put others down. … Continue reading You CAN and You WILL!

Beauty Marks

Hey, Ya’ll! Do you ever look at yourself in the mirror and admire the things that make you who you are? Beautiful skin, nice lips, high cheekbones, colorful eyes, etc. You notice the deep-set dimples, perfectly placed mole over your left eye and think, I am something to look at. Often times, we become self-absorbed … Continue reading Beauty Marks

If Fixing Others Hurts You In The Process, Is It Really Worth It?

Hey, Ya’ll! How you ever tried to be there for others only to slowly lose yourself? This isn't normal. It's detrimental to your mental health. It causes unnecessary stress and drama. We have enough of that already. Some things aren't worth the fight, especially when you're the one getting beat up. This is called a … Continue reading If Fixing Others Hurts You In The Process, Is It Really Worth It?

Even When It Rains, The Sun Shines.

Hey, Ya’ll! Today, I went to my favorite coffee shop as usual on a Tuesday afternoon. I love to write there. It's peaceful. The staff is friendly, and I've met some amazing people over the years. There's something about the atmosphere of this particular place. I've helped clients there. I've completed books there. I've managed … Continue reading Even When It Rains, The Sun Shines.

Sometimes In Order to Move Forward, We Have to Look Back.

Hey, Ya’ll! Have you ever stopped to think about how far your life has come? I mean, truly sat down and replayed all the things you've been through and overcome. If not, you should. Why one might ask? The answer is simple. Reflection brings appreciation. When we can look back and reflect on experiences from … Continue reading Sometimes In Order to Move Forward, We Have to Look Back.

It’s All In The Delivery

Hey, Ya’ll! Happy Tuesday! How many of us use tact when speaking to or dealing with others? Nowadays, I find that many people lack compassion or empathy. It's not right or acceptable, but it is what it is. And I'm not referring to those rare individuals who live by and practice treating others with kindness, … Continue reading It’s All In The Delivery

Affirmations To Keep You Encouraged.

Hey, Ya’ll! Here are three affirmations I use to keep me encouraged and inspired to continue to pursue my dreams. I found them on Pinterest. Living a life that's pleasing isn't always easy but it is possible. Stay positive in all that you do, in who you are, and what you want in your future. … Continue reading Affirmations To Keep You Encouraged.