We Cannot Afford To Sit Idle

Hey, Ya’ll! Think About It Tuesday Sitting idle—staying in place, being still, stuck. At this moment in time, we cannot afford to sit idly. Why? Because our future depends on the moves we make now. Whether a new career path, financial endeavors, relationships, etc; moving forward should be the end goal. We’ve all heard the … Continue reading We Cannot Afford To Sit Idle

Your Dreams are Yours: Stop Pushing Them Off On Other People.

Hey, Ya’ll! I've been guilty of this and quickly learned that everyone doesn't care about or want to be involved in what you have going on. They have their own stuff they're committed to. Dreams... Something we all have. Something we all must figure out. It might take us going through the motions alone or … Continue reading Your Dreams are Yours: Stop Pushing Them Off On Other People.

3 Tips to Stay Positive During This Pandemic & Beyond

Hey, Ya’ll! I know we're all tired of staying home, wearing masks, and practicing social distancing; but, it is crucial that we continue to use caution and wisdom to stay healthy. We cannot afford to do anything else. There are too many others taking this path with will eventually affect us all. Be mindful of … Continue reading 3 Tips to Stay Positive During This Pandemic & Beyond

No More Excuses!

Hey, Ya’ll! Happy Tuesday! How's your week doing so far? Today, I plan to work hard on two new book projects without excuses. The weather here in Louisiana makes me want to curl up on my sofa with a blanket and watch Christmas movies on Hallmark all day. But, how productive would that be for … Continue reading No More Excuses!

Moments In Time…

Hey, Ya’ll! Time is something we cannot afford to waste because we cannot get it back. So... Each day, we should appreciate every moment we have, reflecting on the things that stand out to help us live our best life and be our best selves. Not all days will be great and it's okay. As … Continue reading Moments In Time…

You CAN and You WILL!

Hey, Ya’ll! A little Tuesday Inspiration. A positive mindset produces a positive attitude. Believe in yourself, always. Nothing is impossible when you work hard and stay consistent. Don't ever allow anyone to make you feel inferior. Don't ever let anyone tell you what you can't achieve. Stay away from people who always put others down. … Continue reading You CAN and You WILL!

It’s All In The Delivery

Hey, Ya’ll! Happy Tuesday! How many of us use tact when speaking to or dealing with others? Nowadays, I find that many people lack compassion or empathy. It's not right or acceptable, but it is what it is. And I'm not referring to those rare individuals who live by and practice treating others with kindness, … Continue reading It’s All In The Delivery

You Cannot Have A ‘Might’ Mentality and Manifest Your Goals.

Hey, Ya’ll! The word might is defined as: used to express possibility. When we gravitate to what something might become or what we might accomplish, we can get stuck in that mindset. We have to be careful in our words, thoughts, and actions because believe it or not the energy we put out into the … Continue reading You Cannot Have A ‘Might’ Mentality and Manifest Your Goals.

What’s Your Happy Place?

Hey, Ya’ll! What makes you happy? What makes you smile? What makes you laugh? We all need a happy place whether it's near or far. A place to inspire us. A place to ground us. A place we can relax, do nothing, yet, push us to be our best self. We need a place to … Continue reading What’s Your Happy Place?

Self-Care: Loving Me Without Guilt.

Hey, Ya’ll! I've blogged about self-care a few times before, but it's prevalent that we take it seriously. When we don't love ourselves enough to do what's best for us, how can we live healthily? How can we expect others to love us if we don't love us? Don't feel bad for putting yourself first. … Continue reading Self-Care: Loving Me Without Guilt.