Mental Detox

Hey, Ya’ll! It's Think About Tuesday! As I conversed with a client and friend on yesterday, an interesting phrase transpired. One might ask pray tell what does mental detox mean. I got you! Let me explain. Mental Detox= to rid your mind from past hurt, trauma, and negative thoughts. We have all endured painful occurrences … Continue reading Mental Detox


Hey, Ya'll! It's Wednesday, my favorite day. Today’s post is dedicated to poetry. For me, Poetry is like a beautiful song for the soul. It has helped me get through some dark times in my life. Filling page after page--journal after journal--with my words has been pivotal; therapeutic. Not only did it broaden my consciousness, … Continue reading Manifestation

We Made It!!

Hey, Ya’ll! If you're reading this post, you are blessed. We made it through another year and are just getting starting with a new one. 2019 is going to be fun, ya'll. This year, I'm dedicating Wednesdays to poetry. It is after all how I begin my writing journey. I was inspired to write this … Continue reading We Made It!!

Today is THE Day!

Hey, Y’all! Fall has finally arrived in Southern Louisiana. The weather is beautiful! Go out today and enjoy nature. Spend a few minutes outside. Take in the beauty around you and allow it to heal your mind, body, and soul. Make today EPIC! Live in the moment. Dream with your eyes open and with a … Continue reading Today is THE Day!

There Are Certain Things We Shouldn’t Apologize For

Hey, Y’all! Self-love is something we should never take for granted. When we love ourselves, others can't help but get on board. If not, to hell with them. Chunk the deuce and keep it moving. It's okay to put ourselves as the main priority in our lives. We often put others first neglecting our well-being; … Continue reading There Are Certain Things We Shouldn’t Apologize For

Stop Overthinking and RELAX

Hey, Y'all! Today’s post is about stopping to smell the roses. Relaxation--how often you we take a step back from everything and let our hair down? Life can be overwhelming, especially when we forget to breathe in the beauty all around us. We get so consumed with taking care of our families; we don't always … Continue reading Stop Overthinking and RELAX

Who’s Staring Back At You When You Look In The Mirror?

Hey, Y’all! We often find ourselves searching for our purpose or spending time existing outside of what we're born to do. Self-inventory should help bridge the gap when it comes to knowing who we are and what we've been called to do to fulfill our destiny. Reflection! How many times have you looked in the … Continue reading Who’s Staring Back At You When You Look In The Mirror?

Literacy Rocks

Hey, Y'all! Another school year has come to an end, and summer break begins. It's important to exercise our brains by keeping our minds sharp. Our kids should continue to learn when school isn't in session, and the best way without spending a lot of money is through reading. I know summer is all about … Continue reading Literacy Rocks

Make Time for People Who Love You

Hey, Y'all! No one should go through life alone. It's unhealthy. Having a strong support system is essential, especially when life gives us lemons. Even though we are capable of making delicious lemonade, the people in our lives help inspire us to add extra flavors. When I battled depression many years ago, I was able … Continue reading Make Time for People Who Love You

Having Fun Along the Way Won’t Block Your Purpose

Hey, Y’all! As summer approaches and things begin to heat up, don't forget to incorporate a little fun into your daily routine. If we aren't having fun pursuing our goals and purpose in life, we should seriously take a step back and figure out if we're on the right journey. I believe when we do … Continue reading Having Fun Along the Way Won’t Block Your Purpose