Mental Detox

Hey, Ya’ll! Have you ever noticed how sluggish you feel after being around certain people or frequenting certain places? It's the transferring of energy. Whether good or bad, energy can consume us when left around it long enough. The worst part about this is that it messes with the mind. When this happens, it's necessary … Continue reading Mental Detox

What Did You Learn About Yourself In 2020?

Hey, Ya’ll! Lately, I’ve been reflecting. Reflecting over my life. The Good, The Bad, The UnPretty—the things who make me, ME. On last Monday, my guest shared her life’s journey with my viewers and I via my show Kickin’ It With KeKe. She was open and honest about the things she’s overcome. She gave tips. … Continue reading What Did You Learn About Yourself In 2020?

Give Your Pain A Voice

Hey, Ya’ll! Monday night on The Kickin’ It With KeKe Show, my special guest Author/PreacHER LaKisha Johnson said something that resonated within me. She said, “Give your pain a voice.” This profound statement touched my soul in a way I cannot describe, but it was freeing. 2020 has been a year of grief for so … Continue reading Give Your Pain A Voice


Hey, Ya’ll! Today’s blog post is quick. Think About It Tuesday I want to share two important messages that I strongly believe will help break the cycle of self-sabotage when it pertains to our feelings. Number 1: Holding on to feelings causes unwanted and unnecessary stress and emotion. Number 2: Just let it go! Release … Continue reading FREE YOUr MIND

Help Along The Way

Hey, Ya’ll! Have you ever taken the time to look at a person, I mean really see them for who they are? Oftentimes, we’re too self-absorbed in our own lives that we miss out on all the greatness surrounding us. Some of our neighbors (friends, strangers, etc.) may have the clue, the answer, and/or the … Continue reading Help Along The Way

Emotions Make You_________Sometimes.

Hey, Y’all! Do you ever conduct business with your emotions sitting at the head of the table? Have this particular behavior caused tainted relationships that should have never crossed that line? Emotions: any of the feelings of joy, sorrow, fear, hate, love, etc. These little gems can make or break us on a daily basis, … Continue reading Emotions Make You_________Sometimes.