Dressing To Feel Good

Hey, Y’all! Last night on my show Kickin’ It With KeKe, my guest Latasha Owner and Operator of Milestone Boutique and I, discussed the topic: Dressing to feel good. Do you think the way a person dresses, has any effect on the way they feel? I do! Why? Because when we look good, we tend … Continue reading Dressing To Feel Good

Plants and Wine

Hey, Y’all! Yesterday, my daughter and I decided to spend our quality time this week repotting Nelson and Yemaya—our two house plants. Nelson before We've had Nelson for more than five years and this is our first time repotting him. Don’t fuss. I know! Why did I name him Nelson? Because my favorite singer is … Continue reading Plants and Wine

Essence Festival 2019

Hey, Ya’ll! Can you hear it? The sound of women empowerment cascading through the air. I can! Listen closely. The vibe is still radiating. Catch the vibe. Let me tell you about last weekend. My sisters and I attended Essence Festival as always and got our entire LIFE! Lol... I know you're probably wondering what … Continue reading Essence Festival 2019

Winning Season

Hey, Ya’ll! Here's a little something to ponder as Spring approaches. There is more light out to get things done after work. No more excuses! Spend time outdoors. Take a walk around the park or your neighborhood. Hang out with your family and friends. Do things that make you happy. Stay focused. Stay consistent. Stay … Continue reading Winning Season

Mental Detox

Hey, Ya’ll! It's Think About Tuesday! As I conversed with a client and friend on yesterday, an interesting phrase transpired. One might ask pray tell what does mental detox mean. I got you! Let me explain. Mental Detox= to rid your mind from past hurt, trauma, and negative thoughts. We have all endured painful occurrences … Continue reading Mental Detox

What’s Your Blueprint?

Hey, Ya'll! It's already the third day of the new year. Time to get back to work! What goals are you setting out to accomplish this year? Are they realistic? Most people set unattainable resolutions trying to impress others when that shouldn't even be a factor. Stop trying to impress people, especially those who don't … Continue reading What’s Your Blueprint?

We Made It!!

Hey, Ya’ll! If you're reading this post, you are blessed. We made it through another year and are just getting starting with a new one. 2019 is going to be fun, ya'll. This year, I'm dedicating Wednesdays to poetry. It is after all how I begin my writing journey. I was inspired to write this … Continue reading We Made It!!

Say What Now?!

Hey, Ya'll! Have you ever been around someone who always have something to say about everything? The problem is that they're negative as hell! Everyone they see rubs them the wrong way, looks the wrong way, or acts the wrong way. Nothing satisfies them. You hate to see them coming! Or at least you should.Entertaining … Continue reading Say What Now?!

Ef That!!

Hey, Ya’ll! I'm starting a new segment called 'think about it Tuesday' for my blog at the beginning of the new year. It's something to make us ALL do a little bit of soul-searching. Sometimes, we lose the sense of self due to allowing people, places, and things to dictate who we are or who … Continue reading Ef That!!