New Month, New Mindset!

Hey, Ya’ll! How are you guys doing? This year has been ONE, I tell you! But you know that too. That said, we cannot lose focus. Our goals won’t succeed without us, so don’t be distracted by uncertainty. Use these three I AM affirmations to keep you grounded and encouraged. Remember, the only person standing … Continue reading New Month, New Mindset!

You Control Your Life: Act Like It!

Hey, Ya’ll! Life happens! Some things we have control over and some we do not. Stop focusing on the things we do not. Take control of the things we can change. Change is good. It’s also necessary to grow and move forward. Do the things you love and are passionate about without fear or worrying … Continue reading You Control Your Life: Act Like It!

I’m Going In Front of The Camera!

Hey, Ya’ll! Kickin’ It With KeKe is going live. I'm a writer first, but lately, I've decided to step out of my comfort zone and put my face in front of the camera instead of standing behind it. I made the announcement yesterday. And guess what? I'm already booked with special guests until November! I … Continue reading I’m Going In Front of The Camera!

The Point of It All…

Hey, Ya’ll! Are you doing what you love? Do you love what you do? Have you discovered your purpose? These are all valid questions when we think about the life we lead on a daily basis. Is it fulfilling? Is it our passion? Is it the life we are destined for? Recently, I stepped into … Continue reading The Point of It All…

Cutting Ties

Hey, Y'all! Have you ever had someone in your life and they suddenly disappeared? They stopped talking to you or coming around. When you reach out to them, they seem distant or don't bother responding. We've all been there. Sometimes people need space. Sometimes their absence in your life is a blessing. People outgrow each … Continue reading Cutting Ties


Hey, Ya'll! A little Tuesday Inspiration. By now, we've all heard the term #levelup. Well, there are many levels of life--in our life. The way we carry ourselves. The way we operate in our failures and successes. The way we support others and expect reciprocity. What's the definition of the word level? For me, it's … Continue reading Levels

When Reality Eats!

Hey, Ya'll! Here's a little inspiration for you on Think About It Tuesday. “Harsh Doses of Reality”   We often go through life being carried along the wayside with parents who love us, teaching us about the harsh realities that come along with living; or sadly, being swallowed by the undercurrents called emotions: pain, sorrow, … Continue reading When Reality Eats!

Mental Detox

Hey, Ya’ll! It's Think About Tuesday! As I conversed with a client and friend on yesterday, an interesting phrase transpired. One might ask pray tell what does mental detox mean. I got you! Let me explain. Mental Detox= to rid your mind from past hurt, trauma, and negative thoughts. We have all endured painful occurrences … Continue reading Mental Detox

We Made It!!

Hey, Ya’ll! If you're reading this post, you are blessed. We made it through another year and are just getting starting with a new one. 2019 is going to be fun, ya'll. This year, I'm dedicating Wednesdays to poetry. It is after all how I begin my writing journey. I was inspired to write this … Continue reading We Made It!!

Ef That!!

Hey, Ya’ll! I'm starting a new segment called 'think about it Tuesday' for my blog at the beginning of the new year. It's something to make us ALL do a little bit of soul-searching. Sometimes, we lose the sense of self due to allowing people, places, and things to dictate who we are or who … Continue reading Ef That!!