Get Your Move On

Hey, Ya’ll! It's time to stop talking about it and implement action. Yeah, words are one thing but there's nothing better than action. Stop being a noun and become a verb! Spring into action. Don't be afraid to leap. What's the worst that can happen? You fall but now you know what it’s like to … Continue reading Get Your Move On

New Month. New Mindset.

Hey, Y’all! Another month. Another fresh start before the year closes out and a new one begins. Here are three important things to consider during the month of October: Being intentional produces massive results. When we are clear on what we want, we execute those things on a grander scale. How? Because we get out … Continue reading New Month. New Mindset.

All Relationships Should Have a Positive Impact on Your Life

Hey, Ya’ll! Day #11: Year of Manifestation-Relationships Relationships are powerful, wonderful additions to our lives. They have both positive and negative effects on us. We should always seek the former over the latter where relationships are concerned. Why? Because not every one is the same nor should it be. The best relationship anyone can have … Continue reading All Relationships Should Have a Positive Impact on Your Life

Laughter Makes To Heart Smile.

Hey, Beautiful People! Day# 6 of the Year of Manifestation is Laughter. Manifesting laughter requires mindfulness. We have to be present in each moment. It takes great effort and consideration. “My son and I, sharing a good laugh.” I love to laugh. Every time I see this photo of my son and me, I laugh. … Continue reading Laughter Makes To Heart Smile.

Trust the Process, It Works!

Hey Beautiful People! Is it me or is this month going by quickly? We are already 13 days into 2020. What have you accomplished? Are your new goals for this new year manifesting? For me, I couldn't be happier. I've done one author chat and have booked events in the upcoming months. I’ve finished a … Continue reading Trust the Process, It Works!

Day #4: Self-Love

Hello Beautiful People! Day four into the Year of Manifestation is all about self-love. “Self-love is the best love.” When we love ourselves, we set the standard on how others love us. Don't apologize for putting yourself first! There's nothing wrong or selfish about loving yourself enough to say no, walk away, distance yourself, stay … Continue reading Day #4: Self-Love

Day #1: Four daily affirmations to manifest “Joy” in your life.

Hey, Beautiful People! Happy New Year! Yesterday I turned 42. Today, I start my “year of manifestation” beginning with my mood. Choosing the way I think and feel is the first step to achieving anything I want or expect in life. Anything done with consideration and effort will usually manifest. 2020 will be a great … Continue reading Day #1: Four daily affirmations to manifest “Joy” in your life.