New Month, New Mindset!

Hey, Ya’ll! How are you guys doing? This year has been ONE, I tell you! But you know that too. That said, we cannot lose focus. Our goals won’t succeed without us, so don’t be distracted by uncertainty. Use these three I AM affirmations to keep you grounded and encouraged. Remember, the only person standing … Continue reading New Month, New Mindset!

You Control Your Life: Act Like It!

Hey, Ya’ll! Life happens! Some things we have control over and some we do not. Stop focusing on the things we do not. Take control of the things we can change. Change is good. It’s also necessary to grow and move forward. Do the things you love and are passionate about without fear or worrying … Continue reading You Control Your Life: Act Like It!

Help Along The Way

Hey, Ya’ll! Have you ever taken the time to look at a person, I mean really see them for who they are? Oftentimes, we’re too self-absorbed in our own lives that we miss out on all the greatness surrounding us. Some of our neighbors (friends, strangers, etc.) may have the clue, the answer, and/or the … Continue reading Help Along The Way

The Point of It All…

Hey, Ya’ll! Are you doing what you love? Do you love what you do? Have you discovered your purpose? These are all valid questions when we think about the life we lead on a daily basis. Is it fulfilling? Is it our passion? Is it the life we are destined for? Recently, I stepped into … Continue reading The Point of It All…

You Cannot Have A ‘Might’ Mentality and Manifest Your Goals.

Hey, Ya’ll! The word might is defined as: used to express possibility. When we gravitate to what something might become or what we might accomplish, we can get stuck in that mindset. We have to be careful in our words, thoughts, and actions because believe it or not the energy we put out into the … Continue reading You Cannot Have A ‘Might’ Mentality and Manifest Your Goals.

Never Be Too Afraid…

Hey, Ya’ll! Today's Tuesday Inspiration is as follows: Life is too short to live in fear. Don't let people, places, or things keep you from following your dreams or accomplishing your goals. If you are scared, remember this: Everything isn't a cakewalk. It shouldn't be. Here are 5 tips for getting past fear: 1. Believe … Continue reading Never Be Too Afraid…

When Reality Eats!

Hey, Ya'll! Here's a little inspiration for you on Think About It Tuesday. “Harsh Doses of Reality”   We often go through life being carried along the wayside with parents who love us, teaching us about the harsh realities that come along with living; or sadly, being swallowed by the undercurrents called emotions: pain, sorrow, … Continue reading When Reality Eats!

When Did Entitlement trump Hard Work?

Hey, Ya’ll! Happy Thursday! It's two for one somewhere. Ayeee... Cheers to the weekend, baby! Sadly, I'm a lightweight when it comes to libations. 🤷🏽‍♀️ Moving on to my food for thought of this week Have you ever encountered someone, more than one person, who always feels entitled to everything but does nothing to warrant … Continue reading When Did Entitlement trump Hard Work?

“Harsh Doses of Reality”

 Hey, Ya'll! Think About It Tuesday... We often go through life with parents who love us, teaching us about the harsh realities that come with living, but sometimes, we get swallowed up by the undercurrents called: pain, sorrow, deception, hate, negativity, etc. As children we are molded into the people we usually become as an … Continue reading “Harsh Doses of Reality”

We Salute You, Drew Brees.

Hey, Y'all! All you football fans, did you see the game last night? Can you still hear the thunderous roar from the crowd at the Mercedes Benz Superdome? While Drew Brees and the New Orleans won a great victory over the Washington Redskins, history was made. Who Dat, Baby!!! Yeah, yeah! I know I'm a … Continue reading We Salute You, Drew Brees.