Good Day! I’m feeling a bit poetic today, so I’ll share something personal with you. I haven’t shared any of my poetry on my blog this year. It is the last poem I wrote. Written days ago when I wasn’t feeling my best. 2020 has been rough! Wouldn’t you agree? I wrote this poem to … Continue reading Anxious

As Autumn Approaches…

Hey, Ya’ll! Today's featured poet for poetry dedication day is Robert Frost. Gathering Leaves BY ROBERT FROST Spades take up leavesNo better than spoons,And bags full of leavesAre light as balloons.I make a great noiseOf rustling all dayLike rabbit and deerRunning away.But the mountains I raiseElude my embrace,Flowing over my armsAnd into my face.I may … Continue reading As Autumn Approaches…

Kindred Connection

Hey, Ya’ll Today is Poetry dedication day! The featured spotlight artist is Yours Truly. Kindred Connection A gravitational pull Pulsating heightened stimulation through every part of my existence. A magnetic vibe Pulling me over thought and reasoning Sweeping currents of consciousness to the depths of my soul. A miraculous rhythm Guiding me to places of … Continue reading Kindred Connection

Writer Spotlight

Hey, Ya’ll! Today’s featured poet is no stranger here. He's dear to my heart in so many ways. He's my little-big brother. Please give him another big fat welcome to Kickin’ It With KeKe! PEACE I long for you daily Your richness and your grandeur causes my sorrows to flee The effect you have on … Continue reading Writer Spotlight