We Cannot Afford To Sit Idle

Hey, Ya’ll! Think About It Tuesday Sitting idle—staying in place, being still, stuck. At this moment in time, we cannot afford to sit idly. Why? Because our future depends on the moves we make now. Whether a new career path, financial endeavors, relationships, etc; moving forward should be the end goal. We’ve all heard the … Continue reading We Cannot Afford To Sit Idle

What’s Your Story?

Hey, Ya’ll! We’ve all lived long enough to have a story that defines or reflects our life. Some things we remember and others, we tend to block out for reasons we never want to discuss. There is nothing wrong with experiencing life at its’ highs and lows. It is what made us, US! It isn’t … Continue reading What’s Your Story?

You Control Your Life: Act Like It!

Hey, Ya’ll! Life happens! Some things we have control over and some we do not. Stop focusing on the things we do not. Take control of the things we can change. Change is good. It’s also necessary to grow and move forward. Do the things you love and are passionate about without fear or worrying … Continue reading You Control Your Life: Act Like It!

Embrace Those Positive Vibes

Hey, Y’all! “There are plenty of vacancies at Misery Hotel; it’s up to you whether you check-in or not.” –KC How we choose to start our day determines whether we have a good one or not. It’s true! Waking up on the wrong side of the bed as many people call it when our day … Continue reading Embrace Those Positive Vibes

3 Tips to Stay Positive During This Pandemic & Beyond

Hey, Ya’ll! I know we're all tired of staying home, wearing masks, and practicing social distancing; but, it is crucial that we continue to use caution and wisdom to stay healthy. We cannot afford to do anything else. There are too many others taking this path with will eventually affect us all. Be mindful of … Continue reading 3 Tips to Stay Positive During This Pandemic & Beyond

Plants and Wine

Hey, Y’all! Yesterday, my daughter and I decided to spend our quality time this week repotting Nelson and Yemaya—our two house plants. Nelson before We've had Nelson for more than five years and this is our first time repotting him. Don’t fuss. I know! Why did I name him Nelson? Because my favorite singer is … Continue reading Plants and Wine

Mentally Hydrated

Hey, ya’ll! Another day, we are blessed to experience and we shouldn't take it lightly. How are you? My family and I are well. We are staying hydrated, taking our vitamins, and living life. I encourage you all to spend time with your family and those around you. I mean, truly get to know each … Continue reading Mentally Hydrated

Sometimes, self-seclusion is necessary

Hey, guys! How is everyone doing? I pray you are safe and well. Talk About It Tuesday: Use Wisdom In the midst of this crisis, please use wisdom. Being prepared or cautious doesn't make you weak. It’s better to be safe than sorry in the end, right? Contrary to what some might think and say, … Continue reading Sometimes, self-seclusion is necessary

Losing Ourselves Is Not An Option!

Hey, Yall! Happy Tuesday. I hope this week is moving with good intention for each of you. With so much happening, we must stop to take care of us first. Sometimes we lose ourselves. We get lost in fear, in life, and negativity. We mourn. We grieve. We fall into depression. We suffer. We wander … Continue reading Losing Ourselves Is Not An Option!

Laughter Makes To Heart Smile.

Hey, Beautiful People! Day# 6 of the Year of Manifestation is Laughter. Manifesting laughter requires mindfulness. We have to be present in each moment. It takes great effort and consideration. “My son and I, sharing a good laugh.” I love to laugh. Every time I see this photo of my son and me, I laugh. … Continue reading Laughter Makes To Heart Smile.