What’s Your Vision?

Hey, Ya’ll! Today is Think About It Tuesday. We’re in a new month, guys. August is the 8th month and the number 8 means=new beginnings. We should all strive to do something new. Something outside of our comfort zone. Something that challenges us. I started a 30-day full body detox. Cleansing our mind, body, and … Continue reading What’s Your Vision?

You Control Your Life: Act Like It!

Hey, Ya’ll! Life happens! Some things we have control over and some we do not. Stop focusing on the things we do not. Take control of the things we can change. Change is good. It’s also necessary to grow and move forward. Do the things you love and are passionate about without fear or worrying … Continue reading You Control Your Life: Act Like It!

Fear Could Be Holding Up Your Coins

Guest Blogger Post by Felicia Baxley Two years. That’s how long I had a finished manuscript, fully edited, sitting on my desktop. As a matter of fact, I had two. Why? Well, I had written the books. Told myself there were amazing books, but then I was afraid. Suddenly the reality of taking my intimate … Continue reading Fear Could Be Holding Up Your Coins

The Point of It All…

Hey, Ya’ll! Are you doing what you love? Do you love what you do? Have you discovered your purpose? These are all valid questions when we think about the life we lead on a daily basis. Is it fulfilling? Is it our passion? Is it the life we are destined for? Recently, I stepped into … Continue reading The Point of It All…

Sometimes It’s Not Them, It’s Me: How To Change Your Attitude For A Better You.

Hey, Ya’ll! Today for Think About It Tuesday, I want us all to think about ourselves and our lives and evaluate what's going on around us. It will be a new year in less than three months and we shouldn't want to go into the new year the same. It's time to be our best … Continue reading Sometimes It’s Not Them, It’s Me: How To Change Your Attitude For A Better You.

You Cannot Have A ‘Might’ Mentality and Manifest Your Goals.

Hey, Ya’ll! The word might is defined as: used to express possibility. When we gravitate to what something might become or what we might accomplish, we can get stuck in that mindset. We have to be careful in our words, thoughts, and actions because believe it or not the energy we put out into the … Continue reading You Cannot Have A ‘Might’ Mentality and Manifest Your Goals.

Don’t Stop Now, We’re Just Getting Started.

Hey, Ya’ll! As summer comes close to a hiatus, and fall is on the horizon, what are your goals to complete by year’s end? It's not too late, in fact, a new season can be just the push you need to press forward and pursue your dreams. #PushPressPursue Let's all go out with a bang! … Continue reading Don’t Stop Now, We’re Just Getting Started.


Hey, Ya'll! A little Tuesday Inspiration. By now, we've all heard the term #levelup. Well, there are many levels of life--in our life. The way we carry ourselves. The way we operate in our failures and successes. The way we support others and expect reciprocity. What's the definition of the word level? For me, it's … Continue reading Levels

Never Be Too Afraid…

Hey, Ya’ll! Today's Tuesday Inspiration is as follows: Life is too short to live in fear. Don't let people, places, or things keep you from following your dreams or accomplishing your goals. If you are scared, remember this: Everything isn't a cakewalk. It shouldn't be. Here are 5 tips for getting past fear: 1. Believe … Continue reading Never Be Too Afraid…

Go Ahead…I Dare Ya!

Hey, Ya'll! Think About It Thursday... Have you been having visions of starting a business or other new ventures lately? Go for it! Write the vision and make it plain. Research, study and prepare. Don't get caught sleeping on your dream, your level up, your gateway to a better and successful life. No, it won't … Continue reading Go Ahead…I Dare Ya!