How to Handle Being Treated Unfairly?

Hey, Ya’ll! I was asked to be apart of a panel speaking to young people of color about workplace dynamics this weekend. I look forward to it! Workplace dynamics. I have many stories I could share but I’ll save them for the event. Visit the link to register and join the conversation. Discrimination is something … Continue reading How to Handle Being Treated Unfairly?

Dressing To Feel Good

Hey, Y’all! Last night on my show Kickin’ It With KeKe, my guest Latasha Owner and Operator of Milestone Boutique and I, discussed the topic: Dressing to feel good. Do you think the way a person dresses, has any effect on the way they feel? I do! Why? Because when we look good, we tend … Continue reading Dressing To Feel Good

Relationships: The Good, The Bad, & Not So Pretty

Hey, Ya’ll! Last night on Kickin’ It With KeKe Live, we discussed relationships with Relationship Coach Rodney D. Robertson. CEO|Author|Relationship Coach Great show! We’ve all been involved in relationships that worked out, didn't work out, and also those that never should have happened in the first place. Whether a romantic encounter, friendship, business/partnership, etc., relationships … Continue reading Relationships: The Good, The Bad, & Not So Pretty

3 Tips to Stay Positive During This Pandemic & Beyond

Hey, Ya’ll! I know we're all tired of staying home, wearing masks, and practicing social distancing; but, it is crucial that we continue to use caution and wisdom to stay healthy. We cannot afford to do anything else. There are too many others taking this path with will eventually affect us all. Be mindful of … Continue reading 3 Tips to Stay Positive During This Pandemic & Beyond

Plants and Wine

Hey, Y’all! Yesterday, my daughter and I decided to spend our quality time this week repotting Nelson and Yemaya—our two house plants. Nelson before We've had Nelson for more than five years and this is our first time repotting him. Don’t fuss. I know! Why did I name him Nelson? Because my favorite singer is … Continue reading Plants and Wine

All Relationships Should Have a Positive Impact on Your Life

Hey, Ya’ll! Day #11: Year of Manifestation-Relationships Relationships are powerful, wonderful additions to our lives. They have both positive and negative effects on us. We should always seek the former over the latter where relationships are concerned. Why? Because not every one is the same nor should it be. The best relationship anyone can have … Continue reading All Relationships Should Have a Positive Impact on Your Life

Mentally Hydrated

Hey, ya’ll! Another day, we are blessed to experience and we shouldn't take it lightly. How are you? My family and I are well. We are staying hydrated, taking our vitamins, and living life. I encourage you all to spend time with your family and those around you. I mean, truly get to know each … Continue reading Mentally Hydrated

Sometimes, self-seclusion is necessary

Hey, guys! How is everyone doing? I pray you are safe and well. Talk About It Tuesday: Use Wisdom In the midst of this crisis, please use wisdom. Being prepared or cautious doesn't make you weak. It’s better to be safe than sorry in the end, right? Contrary to what some might think and say, … Continue reading Sometimes, self-seclusion is necessary

Cutting Ties

Hey, Y'all! Have you ever had someone in your life and they suddenly disappeared? They stopped talking to you or coming around. When you reach out to them, they seem distant or don't bother responding. We've all been there. Sometimes people need space. Sometimes their absence in your life is a blessing. People outgrow each … Continue reading Cutting Ties

Moving On: Don’t Get Stuck In A Cycle Waiting On Something That’s Never Gonna Come.

Hey, Ya’ll! Many people say or think that moving on is undoable, too unbearable, so painful they would rather stay stuck in bad situations and relationships than walk away from them to heal. Yes, it’s hard letting go, walking away, and moving on. But, it's necessary! Sometimes, what's best for us is ahead of us, … Continue reading Moving On: Don’t Get Stuck In A Cycle Waiting On Something That’s Never Gonna Come.